Feb 192013

In this episode of the English at Work: Language to use to clear up confusion

Anna is acting up as boss because Paul had an accident with a biscuit! But she and Tom are in a panic after finding a note in Paul’s diary that said ‘Socrates, IPC, final’. Could it mean bad news for Tip Top Trading?

Language to use for clearing up confusion:

This week’s programme focuses on the language that you might use when rumours are spreading and you need to put a stop to them.

Phrases from the programme:

There are some rumours going around that are not true.
Please don’t listen to rumours.
I am trying to establish the facts and if I get any information I will let you know straight away.
Ignore the rumours and please don’t pass them on.
Please just carry on with your work as normal. Thank you.

English at Work 47 – Talking sense Transcript Video


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