Jun 042015

At the offices of Tip Top Trading – a company that makes and sells imitation plastic fruit – new boss Anna has a great idea – hot desking. But will it be popular?
Join the team from English at Work in this special episode. You’ll hear these useful phrases for asking someone to behave differently…

It would be great if you could…
I’d really appreciate it if you would…
Would you mind…?
I’d really appreciate it if…



hot desking – working at any available desk in the office
a trial period – an amount of time to try out an idea
to lead by example – to behave in a way that you would expect others to
ground rules – the basic rules that everyone needs to follow
unstuck – doesn’t work/fails


How to ask someone to do something

1. It would be great if you could… + infinitive (without to)

…clean your desk
…do your work
…try my idea

2. I’d really appreciate it if… + you could/would + infinitive (without to)

…you could keep your desk tidy
…you would not eat at your desk
…you could be quiet

3. Would you mind… + verb+ing?

…helping me
…clearing up
…answering the phone

How to ask someone to stop doing something

1. It would be great if you could stop… + verb+ing

…eating at your desk
…dropping food on the floor
…talking so loudly

2. I’d really appreciate it if you would stop… + verb+ing

…smoking in the toilets
…using Facebook at work 
…answering your phone in meetings


English at Work 68 – Hot desking (transcript video)


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