Apr 242013

English at Work BBC podcast: Introduction

Meet Anna, Paul, Denise and Tom!

BBC Learning English begins a new series focusing on English communication in the office, called English at Work.
Join Neil in this special introductory programme as he finds out about the characters who work in Tip Top Trading.
Here are today’s key phrases
A good example that comes to mind…
I’m particularly proud of…
Timekeeping is important to me.

Listening Challenge – What kind of company is Tip Top Trading?


BBC English at Work – Introduction listen&read video


The episodes of the English at Work series:

Episode 71: The spring clean
Episode 70: Meltdown
Episode 69: The Awesome Apple
Episode 68: Hot desking
Episode 67: Christmas special
Episode 66: The wedding day
Episode 65: Last call for Tom
Episode 64: Something’s missing
Episode 63: Tom’s tantrum
Episode 62: Anna’s decision
Episode 61: Decision time
Episode 60: Stepping aside
Episode 59: The show must go on
Episode 58: Pulling out the stops
Episode 57: Room with a view
Episode 56: Pushed to the limits
Episode 55: To show you the ropes
Episode 54: Eating humble pie
Episode 53: Help! We need somebody
Episode 52: So long Denise!
Episode 51: Taking shape
Episode 50: Reality bites
Episode 49: Award winning!
Episode 48: Face-to-face
Episode 47: Talking sense
Episode 46: Acting up
Episode 45: The Plastic Aubergine
Episode 44: Computer Crisis
Episode 43: Doing your homework
Episode 42: The dinner date
Episode 41: Doing it by the book
Episode 40: The Appraisal
Episode 39: A step too far
Episode 38: Oranges and Lemons
Episode 37: Rachel the rabbit!
Episode 36: The power struggle
Episode 35: Lost in France
Episode 34: The Business Trip
Episode 33: Prepare for take off
Episode 32: The deal is off
Episode 31: Sign on the dotted line
Episode 30: Two heads are better than one!
Episode 29: Putting the feelers out
Episode 28: Home truths
Episode 27: Getting down to business
Episode 26: You cannot be serious!
Episode 25: The big cheese
Episode 24: No smoke without fire
Episode 23: Risky business
Episode 22: The smoker
Episode 21: Don’t panic
Episode 20: Team meeting
Episode 19: The open window
Episode 18: The email
Episode 17: How to place an order
Episode 16: Politely refusing
Episode 15: Improving your telephone manner
Episode 14: Telephone tell-tale
Episode 13: The Imperial Lemon
Episode 12: The big day
Episode 11: Overtime
Episode 10: The brainstorm
Episode 9: The warehouse
Episode 8: Room 301
Episode 7: Mr Lime’s grapefruits
Episode 6: Double-booked
Episode 5: The Queen of Sheba
Episode 4: Doing lunch
Episode 3: The crisis
Episode 2: The Interruption
Episode 1: The Interview

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Source: BBC Learning English

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