Sep 202012

The Teacher is a funny video series about the English idioms bruoght to us by the BBC.

Animal idioms

BBC Animal idioms – Monkey
BBC Animal idioms – Bee
BBC Animal idioms – Dog
BBC Animal idioms – Insect
BBC Animal idioms – Cat
BBC Animal idioms – Pig
BBC Animal idioms – Bird
BBC Animal idioms – Horse
BBC Animal idioms – Fish

Food idioms

BBC Food idioms – Pie
BBC Food idioms – Tea
BBC Food idioms – Egg
BBC Food idioms – Beans
BBC Food idioms – Vegetables
BBC Food idioms – Fruit

Body idioms

BBC Body idioms – Head
BBC Body idioms – Arm
BBC Body idioms – Foot
BBC Body idioms – Eye
BBC Body idioms – Leg
BBC Body idioms – Hair

Colour idioms

BBC Colour idioms – Blue
BBC Colour idioms – Silver
BBC Colour idioms – Green
BBC Colour idioms – Gold
BBC Colour idioms – Red
BBC Colour idioms – White

Sport idioms

BBC sport idioms – Horse racing
BBC port idioms – Ice skating
BBC sport idioms – Balls
BBC sport idioms – Athletics
BBC sport idioms – Boxing
BBC sport idioms – Football

Transport idioms

BBC Transport idioms – Wagon
BBC Transport idioms – Road
BBC Transport idioms – Wheels
BBC Transport idioms – Miles
BBC Transport idioms – Drive
BBC Transport idioms – Boats

Special idioms

New Year: idioms of deceit
Halloween: idioms of fear

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Source: BBC – The Teacher

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  1. Hi threr will you tell me how can i downlod your videos

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