Oct 202012

Courtney: Did you hear? Kate and Christopher are trying to annul their marriage.

Ray: What?! They’ve only been married for two months! What brought this on?

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Courtney: I have no idea. Neither of them is underage or bigamists and they married of their own free will, so I don’t know how they can ask for an annulment.

Ray: I’ve heard that you can get an annulment if there’s some kind of fraud. Maybe they’re asking for the annulment on those grounds.

Courtney: Maybe. I wish I knew more. Ooh, could they be related by blood and didn’t know it? It’s sounding more and more like a soap opera.

Ray: I suppose we shouldn’t speculate. It’s sad when any marriage ends, even if it only lasted two months. Something must be really, really wrong.

Courtney: Or else…

Ray: Or else, what?

Courtney: Or else, Christopher finally figured out what a witch Kate is.

Ray: Oh, somebody’s a little catty today. Do I detect some jealousy here?

Courtney: Me? Jealous of Kate? Forget it! I’ve known her for years and I just wouldn’t wish her on my worst enemy!

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