Oct 202012

Wendy: We need some new dinnerware. Nearly all of our plates and bowls are cracked or chipped.

Jason: All right, you do that.

Wendy: Aren’t you going to help?

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Jason: I trust your judgment. Whatever you like, I’ll like, too.

Wendy: But I need your input. For instance, this set has eight place settings: eight dinner plates, eight salad plates, eight soup bowls, and eight mugs. Everything is microwave-safe, too. What do you think of this pattern?

Jason: It’s great. Let’s get that one.

Wendy: Wait! This set is a little more formal and the plates are bigger, about an inch larger in diameter. It has a nice blue pattern, see?

Jason: Yeah, it’s perfect. Let’s buy that one.

Wendy: Oh, but look at these other options on this website. I don’t think I can decide unless I can see them in person. Let’s go.

Jason: Go where?

Wendy: To the store. I don’t want to buy something half-assed. We’ll be using these dishes for many, many years.

Jason: Like I said, I trust your judgment. Buy whatever you want.

Wendy: You’re not coming with me? Come on. What can I do to get you to come with me?

Jason: You want me to go with you shopping on my day off and while the game is on? Dream on!

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