Oct 202012

Pharmacist: Can I help you?

Sanaz: Yes, I had some questions for the pharmacist.

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Pharmacist: I’m the pharmacist. How can I help you?

Sanaz: Can I fill these prescriptions here?

Pharmacist: Yes, you can. Just give those to the pharmacy technician and she’ll take care of you.

Sanaz: The reason I ask is that I’m hoping there’s a home remedy for my problems so I don’t have to pay for prescription medication.

Pharmacist: If you’ve already seen a doctor, then I would follow his or her instructions on what to do, including taking these medications.

Sanaz: All right, but I have some other problems.

Pharmacist: Like what?

Sanaz: I have a rash on my arm. See? Is there an over-the-counter medication I can use?

Pharmacist: That doesn’t look too serious. You can find medications for rashes on aisle 3. I would recommend a cream made by McQ Pharmaceuticals. Use it for a few days and monitor it to see if it improves. If not, you may want to see your doctor about it.

Sanaz: Okay, thanks. I also have allergies.

Pharmacist: There are several drugstore medications for allergies.

Sanaz: I already take those. What I want to know is if there is something I can do about the headaches I get from the allergies?

Pharmacist: Pain relievers are on aisle 4. Let me show you where they are.

Sanaz: Oh, thank you. On the way there, I’ll tell you about my other health problems. I need eye drops for my dry eyes, pills for my insomnia, something for my back pain…

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