Oct 202012

Jermaine: I’d like a decaf drip, to go.

Drew: Would you like our light or dark roast?

[audio:http://libsyn.com/media/eslpod/ESLPod795.mp3|titles=ESL Podcast – Ordering Coffee and Tea]

Jermaine: I’ll just have whatever’s freshly brewed.

Drew: Are you sure you don’t want to try an espresso, an Americano, or a latte?

Jermaine: No, just a decaf coffee.

Drew: Sure, no problem. Would you like it hot or cold?

Jermaine: Hot, please.

Drew: Would you like any room for cream?

Jermaine: No, thanks.

Drew: Would you like some sweetener? A couple of pumps of syrup maybe?

Jermaine: No, I’ll add a couple of packets of sugar myself.

Drew: Oh, I’m sorry. I added some foam from another drink to your coffee by accident. I’ll have to start over. Did you say you wanted the light or dark roast?

Jermaine: Forget it. Let’s keep it simple. Give me a cup of tea.

Drew: Would you like that hot or cold, sweetened or unsweetened, loose leaf or in a tea bag?

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