Oct 202012

Jim: I shouldn’t have let my brother pack my supplies for this trip. I was running late and he offered to do it.

Fumiko: What’s the problem?

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Jim: He doesn’t know the first thing about hiking or camping. Look at this! My backpack is filled with bottles of water!

Fumiko: What’s wrong with that?

Jim: He should have just packed me a water filter, instead of all these heavy bottles to lug around. And he forgot some of the most important supplies, like bug spray and a flashlight.

Fumiko: You’re welcome to borrow any of our supplies. Here’s some bug spray. Do you need matches?

Jim: Yeah, I do. My brother packed matches, but not in a waterproof bag. One of the bottles of water leaked and got them all wet. At least my tent and cook stove were spared.

Fumiko: Maybe your brother is telling you something.

Jim: What?

Fumiko: Maybe he wants to be included in your camping trips. Then, he’ll learn what to do and what to bring.

Jim: You might have something there.

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