Oct 202012

Paul: I need a new cell phone plan. These roaming and overage charges are killing me!

Shauna: I thought you had a good calling, messaging, and data plan.

Paul: I do, but I’m still going over each month.

Shauna: Have you thought about a prepaid plan? You’ll never be charged extra.

Paul: That’s not an option. I think I need an unlimited plan.

Shauna: Okay, but I don’t understand. Why do you have roaming charges? Doesn’t your carrier have good coverage all over the country?

Paul: I’ve been taking trips to Mexico to see my new girlfriend and the coverage doesn’t extend to Mexico.

[audio:http://libsyn.com/media/eslpod/ESLPod810.mp3|titles=ESL Podcast – Switching Cell Phone Plans]

Shauna: Oh, I see. And the overage charges?

Paul: When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you have to do a lot of calling and texting, not to mention updating social media websites to stay in touch. I keep exceeding my allotted 5000 minutes of calling time and 100 megabytes of data.

Shauna: What?! To exceed that, you’d have to be on the phone all the time!

Paul: Not all the time, but I’m talking to her now. Do you want to say “hi”?

Shauna: You’ve been on the phone with her the entire time we’ve been having this conversation?

Paul: How else can we keep up on everything that’s going on in each other’s lives?

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