Jan 142013

extr@ English 08 – The Landlady’s Cousin

Annie receives a note announcing that the old landlady is away on holiday but her cousin Eunice will be in charge during her absence. Everyone assumes that the cousin will be just as bad. The girls have bought a new self-assembly shelving unit. As usual the instructions are confusing and it is very difficult to assemble. Nick is called down to meet the landlady’s cousin. On his return it is obvious that she is not what he expected. It turns out that she is a glamorous man-eater and Nick is her first meal! They start dating. Meanwhile Hector is determined to get together with Annie and it seems that love is in the air as they try to assemble the shelves together. Nick is getting desperate because Eunice is too much for him and he appeals to Bridget to help. She does so by pretending to be in love with him herself. This angers the cousin and raises Nick’s hopes but in the end it is only Hector and Annie who have a serious relationship.


Episode 09: Jobs For The Boys
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