Jan 142013

extr@ English 13 – A Wedding In The Air

Hector and Annie are trying to agree on what sort of wedding they are going to have. Annie wants a simple ceremony at the animal sanctuary. Unfortunately for Hector, his mother is on her way over in the family jet. She wants to know whether they have booked Westminster Abbey. Hector hasn’t had the courage to tell Annie that his mother is arriving and has a big problem when he realises that he must meet his mother at 5pm and Annie has insisted that he meet her at the same time. Hector cannot decide between his mother and Annie so stays in the flat waiting for the explosion! At the office Bridget is looking for interesting people to interview and remembers her editor’s interest in Nick, who now has a small part as a fireman in a TV series. Eventually both Annie and Hector’s mother arrive back at the flat. Mrs Romero mistakes Bridget for Annie. Annie is very upset. Bridget interviews Nick as a fireman and discovers that she likes him after all. Hector confronts his mother and defends Annie. Hector tells his mother that he and Annie have decided to wait before marrying. Unfortunately nobody has yet told Nick, who is dressed for the Stag Night.


Episode 14: Changes
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