Jan 142013

extr@ English 21 – The Entertainers

Annie has been taking her new hobby very seriously. She is learning hypnotism but without much success. She tries to hypnotise Charley, Nick and Hector but nothing happens. Bridget does a news story about how the rich organise their children’s parties. Nick suggests that he and Hector could make a fortune as party organisers for the children of the rich and famous. Nick sets up a web page to advertise, and almost immediately they have a client. It is Victoria Ducas, Nick’s old friend who married a famous film director. The real party entertainers have been booked for that day – and she needs to throw a party for her daughter Daisy. The boys drive off in their ‘Posh Party’ van. Bridget has reluctantly agreed to help. The children are hard to please, but Hector and Nick start their magic show. Everything goes wrong as Daisy disappears – completely – in the magic wigwam. They try to distract everyone with a big cake. Hector and Nick start behaving very strangely. It seems that Annie’s hypnotism did work – but only Annie can reverse the hypnotic state. Annie saves the day and finds the lost child. For the children, it was the best party ever – although Victoria Ducas does not agree.


Episode 22: Haunting At Halloween
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