Jan 142013

extr@ English 22 – Haunting At Halloween

It is 31 October. Annie is practising her psychic skills, but Bridget has already been to see Rose Marie, her fortune teller. The boys want to learn about palm reading but in the end they read their horoscopes to find out what will happen that day. Nick must beware of black hair and the number three. There is a knock at the door. It is Bernard, the neighbour. He has ‘lost his Marbles’ (his cat). Later, Hector tells a spooky story. Nick pretends to dismiss it, but he is very frightened. He thinks that something strange is happening: a bad apple, a broken mirror, a black cat and strange noises at the door. He opens it and finds three children dressed as ghouls, then goes next door to find three grown-up ghouls. The children are trick-or-treaters and the grown ups are Hector, Annie and Bridget dressed up, ready for the Halloween party. At the party, Nick is convinced that three girls with black hair like him. Later, they return to the flat and there is a power cut, and even more strange, noises from outside the window. It is Bernard, out on the roof, looking for his cat, Marbles. The boys are scared and don’t want to go to bed, so they start playing scary games. Hector and Nick return to their own beds but the storm outside continues to terrify them. Bernard eventually finds his cat on Hector’s bed.


Episode 23: Truth Or Dare
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