Jan 142013

extr@ English 23 – Truth Or Dare

During an evening of playing Truth or Dare with Ziggy, Bridget is dared to declare her love for Bernard the neighbour; and Nick is dared to go out shopping – completely naked. Ziggy is dared to kiss Nick, but Bridget teases her about it. They decide on a group Dare … they must all spend 24 hours telling the truth. If successful they will win a meal at a fashionable restaurant. Nick has a nightmare in which Annie appears as a Judge, which terrifies him, so he takes his truthful 24 hours very seriously. Hector and Annie think it may make their relationship stronger if they are honest about how they feel about each other. Nick attends an audition for a yoghurt commercial but finds it impossible to say ‘mmmm, delicious’ when eating the yoghurt. Bridget oversleeps and is late for work again, but cannot lie to Eunice about why she is late. Bridget receives a lot of calls from old boyfriends, and then realises that she has lost her mobile phone. Whoever has it has sent a very truthful message to Eunice. They have also sent a message to Bernard telling him to come to the flat. Bridget realises it is Ziggy who has been sending messages. Eunice also arrives at the flat and likes Bernard. She leaves the flat with him, saying that he could be a great new weather presenter at Channel 9.


Episode 24: Pilot Nick
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