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extr@ English 24 – Pilot Nick

Annie is preparing food for a Traffic Protest street party and Bridget walks in. She has been charged with organising some building work for Eunice. Annie has been given a precious piece of furniture from her grandmother. Nick arrives – dressed as an airline pilot. He has a part in a play in Paris. Hector helps him learn his lines. Bridget goes into work, and orders the builders to start work in Eunice’s flat but the builders were supposed to be working at Channel 9. Eunice announces that she will be staying with Bridget and Annie until the work is finished. She is a very demanding guest but Bridget doesn’t want to lose her job so has to accept it. The director of the play calls Nick to say that one of the actresses is ill. Nick says he knows the perfect replacement and offers Hector a free ticket to Paris. They arrive in Paris and Nick announces to Hector that he is to play the part of the air stewardess. Back in London, Eunice has given Annie’s grandmother’s chest a new look, by painting it orange. On the return flight from Paris, the pilot and co-pilot become ill, so Nick flies the plane. Bridget receives a call to say the builders have finished in Eunice’s flat. The girls are delighted but when they return to their flat they find that Eunice has decided that she wants to stay. Nick and Hector arrive back. Eunice is impressed with Nick in his uniform, so the girls manage to get rid of Eunice after all as she takes Nick back to her flat.


Episode 25: Art
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  1. Jenny! Beautiful job! I was wondering what you were going to do with all those rugs you had on the bottom of your shopping cart!!! Bravo! Perhaps you could paint the white strip of stair a fun color so it looks like the end of the runner? just an idea! wonderful job, yet again!!

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