Jan 142013

extr@ English 25 – Art

Bridget is at work re-running tapes of Marty Ross, a famous Channel 9 show host, when Marty himself walks in. He wants to know if Eunice has his tickets for an important art exhibition preview. He says that he will take anyone who gets him tickets out to dinner. Hector walks into the girls’ flat to find Ziggy in a cardboard box. It’s part of a Farm Animal Protest and Annie asks the boys to help. Bridget gets some tickets for the exhibition preview and asks Marty to come to the flat for drinks first. Bridget then orders the others to redecorate the flat to fit into Marty’s arty style. She goes to bed while the others start work. The next morning the work is finished but Annie still has to prepare for the protest. Boggy and Moss, some eco-warriors from Manchester, are coming to the protest. Nick gets ready by making himself look more ‘interesting’. Hector is preparing the ‘nibbles’ when Boggy and Moss arrive. They are not impressed with the ‘arty’ flat, choosing to sit on the floor and refusing to speak. They completely ruin the flat, then leave for the protest. Bridget and Marty return. Bridget is horrified but Marty loves it. Annie and Ziggy bring a pig pen back to the flat. Hector and Nick sell a wall of the flat to Marty. Then the kidnapped pig arrives …


Episode 26: Alibi
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