Jan 142013

extr@ English 26 – Alibi

Bridget says that Annie is talking too much. Annie explains that at 10 o’clock she starts a sponsored silence (for the charity ‘Pigs with no Parents’). Hector has a new outfit, but Nick is not interested as he has a toothache. Nick cannot even hear the word ‘dentist’ so Hector has to say ‘plumber’ instead. He takes him next door to see if the girls know a good ‘plumber’. Just before 10 o’clock, Bernard calls to say he has been burgled, and someone has taken all his clothes. Annie tells him to call the police. She starts her sponsored silence. A detective arrives at the flat but Annie cannot speak, so has to act out everything she wants to say. The boys arrive back from the dentist’s but Nick can’t speak very well. When the detective questions him, he has to act out the answers too. Do they have an alibi? The detective is suspicious of Hector’s new clothes. Bridget returns from the beautician’s – her top lip is bright red. The detective accuses Hector of stealing the clothes. Bernard’s mother calls and they learn that she put his clothes in the washing machine before she went out to Bingo.


Episode 27: Can You Live Without
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