Jan 142013

extr@ English 27 – Can You Live Without

The friends are watching the Marty Ross show, ‘Can You Live Without …’ and Nick suggests that they be contestants on the show. They must go for 24 hours without their favourite things. There is a big prize so Bridget agrees to ask Marty to put them on the show. She persuades him with the help of some ‘interesting’ photographs of him. He agrees and the TV crew move in to set up the cameras in the flat. Bridget has to live without chocolate, mirrors and make-up. Annie has to live without touching Hector, sucking her thumb and without her dog Charley. Hector has to live without touching Annie and chewing gum. Nick has to live without talking about ‘babes’ and motorbikes. All of them have to live without television, magazines and music. Marty takes Charley out of the flat. Annie starts crying but Hector can’t hug her. Mini cameras are placed around the flat to record their challenge, including their ‘temptations’, designed to make them lose points.


Episode 28: Christmas
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