Jan 142013

extr@ English 29 – Camping

Nick is learning some SAS techniques, as he wants to join the army. Bridget finds this very funny but Nick is sure he has the ability because he was a Scout. Hector and Eunice are reporting from the National Camping Exhibition. Annie is worried that Hector and Eunice are getting too close. Bridget, Annie and Nick imagine Nick as a Scout. Hector returns home, smelling of perfume. Annie confronts him although he protests his innocence. Hector admits to Nick that Eunice has been taking a lot of interest in him. Bridget finds her old Brownie uniform so the girls decide to remember the Brownie law and do a good turn every day. They discuss the merits of Brownies and Scouts. The girls decide to give the boys a survival test which they fail. They decide to go camping. Hector will get a tent from the exhibition. He returns home late again – with the tent – and persuades Nick to help him put the tent up in the flat, hoping that Annie will forgive him. Annie gets up during the night and falls over it. On the camping trip itself no one will leave the tent because they are so scared. A mystery figure appears outside the tent. It is Nick’s mum – they are camping in her garden and she has brought them some tea.


Episode 30: Love Hurts
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