Jul 092013

Face Up to Phrasals 2: Amanda and Daisy – A friend in need?

Fred and Betty have been dating for years. They have always been a very happy couple… or have they?
Listen to Fred and Betty’s phone call AND learn lots of new phrasal verbs with the first series of Face up to Phrasals.


Meaning: If you get back to someone, it means that you contact someone to continue an earlier conversation, or reply to a message, question or invitation. You can get back to someone face to face, by text, phone or email.

Grammar: This phrasal verb needs an object. You cannot separate the verb from its particles.

I’ll get back to Keith
I’ll get back to him

Example sentence: I’m still waiting for Marco to get back to me about the problems with the contracts.

Synonyms: answer, respond, reply, return a call, get in touch with, let someone know

Face Up to Phrasals 2: Amanda and Daisy – A friend in need? Script Video


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