Jul 192013

Face Up to Phrasals 3: Mark’s Email Mistake

“Hey Ali, did you check out that email I sent you – the one about stupid Peter, saying how stupid he is?”


Check out – checked out – checked out

Meaning: If you check something out, you look at it or examine it to find out more about it.

Grammar: This phrasal verb needs an object. It is possible to put the object between the verb and particle. If the object is a pronoun, it must go between the verb and particle.

We’re going to check out the new club
We’re going to check the new club out
We’re going to check it out

We’re going to check out it – NOT CORRECT

Example sentence: There’s a great movie on TV tonight – you must check it out!

Synonyms: inspect, investigate, explore, examine, look into

Face Up to Phrasals 4: Mark’s Email Mistake Script Video


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