Jan 032014

In this Fox News Sunday Show With Chris Wallace: Sen. Rand Paul on scrapping ObamaCare, saving Detroit; ‘Pik’ Botha on Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy



WALLACE: But now, we turn to Washington, where the Obama administration has put together a strike team of Democratic lawmakers to sell the embattled health care law to a skeptical public. We’ll speak with an architect of ObamaCare in the next segment.

But joining me now is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

And, Senator, welcome back to “Fox News Sunday”.



WALLACE: The White House says the Healthcare.gov Web site is dramatically improved. But does that mean ObamaCare is now out of the woods?

Joining us again, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, an architect of the Affordable Care Act and vice provost at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Emanuel, welcome back to “Fox News Sunday”.



WALLACE: South Africans at houses of worship for a national day of prayer and reflection to honor Nelson Mandela. Pik Botha was South Africa’s foreign minister in the last years of apartheid. But he helped engineer Mandela’s release from prison and was invited by Mandela to serve in his biracial government. We interviewed Botha earlier this year in anticipation of Mandela’s passing. Here again, is Greg Palkot with Botha’s reflections starting with Mandela’s goal of a rainbow nation.



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