Jan 032014

In this Fox News Sunday Show With Chris Wallace: Rep. Paul Ryan on bipartisan budget deal; Where does the nation stand one year after Newtown?



WALLACE: It’s been a long time, but there was actually a spirit of compromise on Capitol Hill this week. The House passed a bipartisan budget agreement which the Senate is also expected to approve next week.

But for all of the good cheer, there was plenty of criticism, especially from the right.

Earlier, I spoke with House Budget Chair Paul Ryan. His Senate counterpart, Patty Murray, declined our invitation.




WALLACE: And hello again from FOX News in Washington.

Well, no matter how many times we see the images, it’s still agonizing. Kids screaming out of school, hands raised, this time in Colorado, student opened fire on his high school, critically injuring a 17-year-old girl, before turning the gun himself.    And it came as Newton, Connecticut, marks one year since the horrific shooting that took 26 lives at Sandy Hook Elementary.

One of the victims that day, Vicki Soto, a first grade teacher who was killed trying to protect her students from the shooter. The photo of her sister learning what happened has become our image of that day.

We’ll discuss where the gun debate stands with two people on opposite sides of the issue. First, my interview earlier with Vicki’s kid sister, Carlee.



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