Jan 032014

In this Fox News Sunday Show With Chris Wallace: What lies ahead for ObamaCare in 2014; Reps. Mike Rogers, Adam Schiff on balance between security, privacy



WALLACE: And hello again from FOX News in Washington.

It’s been a tough year for ObamaCare, with a disastrous website roll out and disappointing enrollment numbers. But the president’s health plan faces even bigger challenges January 1 when folks actually start seeing doctors under the new system.

We’ve invited two experts to discuss what happens now: former governor, Vermont governor and doctor, Howard Dean. And Dr. Scott Gottlieb has been an ObamaCare critic with the American Enterprise Institute.

Dr. Gottlieb, what do you think happens on January 1 when folks who think that they’ve enrolled in the new Obamacare system actually go to see their doctor?



WALLACE: In an interview with “The Washington Post” this week, NSA leaker Edward Snowden declared victory. Months of Snowden revelations stirred an international debate over government surveillance. And according to him, that is mission accomplished.

Joining me now are two key members of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff of California, and here in D.C., committee chair, Mike Rogers of Michigan.

Congressmen, welcome back to “Fox News Sunday”.


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