Jul 202013

This Freakonomics Radio podcast: Our latest podcast is called “Do You Really Want to Know Your Future?”

If you could take a test that would foretell your future – at least your medical future – would you? And if you did, how would that affect the way you live your life?

Nancy WEXLER: I think for my mother and for our family, the whole family was very important. You know, she was very kind to us, and she was very loving, and very warm. I think a lot of my warmth I get from her.

Stephen J. DUBNER: That’s Nancy Wexler. She’s a professor of neuropsychology at Columbia University.  One morning in the late 1960s, something strange happened to her mother, Leonore Wexler. She was 53 at the time.


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Source: Freakonomics

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