Nov 212013

The gist: what is the true value these days of a college education?
As you can tell from the title, this is the first episode of a two-parter. There is so much to say about college that we could have done ten episodes on the topic, but we held ourselves back to two.


Stephen J. DUBNER: Hello, Mr. Ezell?
Allen EZELL: Yes.
DUBNER: Hi, Stephen Dubner, nice to meet you.
EZELL: Stephen, nice to meet you. And you won’t believe what I’m holding in my hand.
DUBNER: Let me guess because I just got a degree in psychic work, so…
EZELL: I’m impressed, over the Internet?
DUBNER: Of course, where else? I’m going to say that you have a diploma in your hand, a college diploma from maybe Appalachian State University.
EZELL: Yes, founded in the year 1899. I like their logo down at the bottom.
DUBNER: And what did I get my degree in?
EZELL: Oh, I have no idea; this is a blank.
DUBNER: Oh so it can be whatever I…
EZELL: Sure.
DUBNER: You know, I’ve always wanted to be a vet.
EZELL: Well, if that turns you on, then that’s fine. And I’m sure that the animals would have fun with your children.
DUBNER: And do you maybe also have a graduate degree from Columbia University as well?
EZELL: “The trustees of Columbia University and the City of New York to all persons to whom these represent may come greeting, be it known that having completed the studies and satisfied the requirements for the degree of…” and it’s a blank also.
DUBNER: Hot diggity, you know, because I did get a degree in writing there, but I really thought I should have become a doctor instead. So…
EZELL: Hey, you can be whatever you want to be. Remember, I’ve got two MDs.


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