Feb 162014

Freakonomics: Are We Ready to Legalize Drugs? And Other FREAK-quently Asked Questions. Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt take questions from you, our readers and listeners.

In this installment, Joseph Fogan wants to know about the hidden costs of the war on drugs. The latest Gallup poll shows that 58 percent of Americans favor marijuana legalization (compared to just 12 percent in 1969). Are we really ready to legalize drugs in more than just a few states? And if the answer is yes, what will police do all day? Here’s what Levitt had to say:



Stephen DUBNER: Steve Levitt is my Freakonomics friend and co-author. He’s an economist at the University of Chicago. One of the most unusual things about Levitt is that he doesn’t really care what anybody else thinks about his ideas … for better or worse:

Steven LEVITT: The easiest way to differentiate an economist from almost anyone else in society is to test them with repugnant ideas. Because economists are pretty much immune to repugnance.

LEVITT: It’s fun, your life will love you more if you go do it, it makes you feel like a proud American. But never should anyone delude themselves into thinking that the vote they cast will ever decide an election.

LEVITT: Mostly I’m just lazy. You know, I could be investing in the kids or I could be, you know, indulging my own, you know, hobbies.

DUBNER: Let’s just watch TV instead.

LEVITT: Exactly.

LEVITT I’m not one of those people who really hates fat people, I know there are people who hate fat people. But I don’t really mind fat people.

DUBNER: So what will Levitt say in this week’s installment of Freak-quently Asked Questions?

LEVITT: I never know what you’re going to put on the radio.


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