Jul 202013

This Freakonomics Radio podcast: Our latest podcast is called “Should Tipping Be Banned?” (You can download/subscribe at iTunes, get the RSS feed, or listen via the media player above. You can also read the transcript; it includes credits for the music you’ll hear in the episode.)

As we all know, the practice of tipping can be awkward, random, and confusing. This episode tries to offer some clarity. At its center is Cornell professor Michael Lynn, who has written 51 academic papers on tipping. A few examples:


tephen J. DUBNER: Uh, hey Levitt?  

Steven LEVITT: Hey Dubner.

DUBNER: When I say the word tipping, what do you think of?

LEVITT: I think of discomfort.

DUBNER: Discomfort for whom?

LEVITT: Oh. For the tipper. For me. I don’t like to tip. I think tipping’s…Tipping’s unpleasant.

DUBNER: Now, it’s not that you’re an ungenerous person. I find you quite generous.


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Source: Freakonomics

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