Apr 242013

This Freakonomics Radio podcast: In it, Stephen Dubner grills Steve Levitt about a new project called Freakonomics Experiments. (Levitt blogged about it here and stopped by Marketplace last week.) The basic idea is to learn more about how people make decisions, especially when they’re on the margin. So: if you’re struggling with a decision, large or small, you can bring your question to FreakonomicsExperiments.com, where a random coin flip will help solve your dilemma. You also become part of the scientific experiment by taking follow-up surveys and letting the research team know how the decision turned out.


Stephen J. DUBNER: If you ask Daniel Herrington to introduce himself, tell you what he does, this is what he says:

Daniel HERRINGTON: Uh, Hi, this is Daniel Herrington, and I work for ARPA-E, the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy within the Department of Energy.

DUBNER: But if you’d asked him that question two years ago, you would have gotten a different answer.


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Source: Freakonomics

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