Jul 152014

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 3 – Huck is Disappointed

MISS WATSON WAS VERY ANGRY WITH ME IN THE MORNING BECAUSE of the dirt on my clothes, but the Widow wasn’t. She was very sad and unhappy, though, as she cleaned my clothes. Because I didn’t want her to feel sad, I promised to be good and do things to make her feel proud of me. Then Miss Watson told me to pray every day, and that whatev¬ er I asked for I would get. But my prayers weren’t answered. I talked to the Widow about prayers and she said that my prayers would not be answered with material things. She said that I must pray to help other people, and that I was never to think about myself. I knew that she meant that I would also have to pray to help Miss Watson.


I walked out into the woods and thought about this for a long time, but I couldn’t see any advantage in that kind of life for me—all the advantage would be for Miss Watson. I decided not to worry about praying and being good anymore.

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