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Idiom 100 is a great video series with English subtitles for English learners. All of the explanations are in English, so it might be challenging for you, but just try to imagine the meanings in your head and study hard and soon you’ll be able to use these idioms in your conversations.

The 100 idioms:

Rain cats and dogs
Rule out
Stick to
Spit it out
For sure, right?
Grab a bite to eat
Bear in mind
Have second thoughts
Better half
On the same page
Learn by heart
Just about
Keep your word
Keep a straight face
Give you a lift
Ring a bell
Runs in the family
Sit tight
Suit yourself
Your call
Keep at arm’s length
Up in arms
Test the water
Fill in
In a nut-shell
What you say carries weight
All ears
Falling on deaf ears
Keep your nose out
Give an earful
Keep an ear out for
Play it by ear
See eye to eye
Turn a deaf ear
Right under your nose
On my toes
Set foot
In my shoes
Put my face on
All in a day’s work
At odds
Cold feet
Flag down
Come to think of it
Fifth we’ll
Full plate
have a lot going
Knock off
Knock on wood
From scratch
Out cold
Second nature
Up for grabs
Think outside the box
Raise eyebrows
Walking on egg shells
Drag on
Better off
Don’t hold your breath
Save your breath
Catch my breath
Lost my train of thought
Slipped my mind
Talk my head off
Bent out of shape
Bottom line
Call it a day
Keep my finger crossed
Pull someone’s leg
Sleep on it
Make ends meet
By the book
Cut me some slack
It’s anyone’s call
Out of my element
Meet me halfway
Rip off
Catch my drift
To be plugged in
Off the hook
Hold your horses
Packed in like a can of sardines
Bend over backward
Get something off my chest
I’m at my wit’s end
Bite my head off
Butt heads with someone
Go all out
If everything falls into place
Have my heart set on something
Take its toll
Up and about
Get on up the wrong side of the bed
To be on the look out for something
At each other’s throats
Can’t make heads or tails
Rub someone the wrong way
Be that as it may
Better safe than sorry

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Sources: E-com English

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