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The first class KidsTV123 is one of the best way to teach your children for the basic English words and sentences.

This is my friend’s opinion, who has two little daughters:

“The KidsTV123 is a super cool YouTube channel.  It is the neatest place! They have a whole host of fun, educational videos for kids. Both of my kidlets just love it!  What I really like is that the videos range from the super simple concepts of shapes and colors, to more difficult concepts like multiplication and countries of the world and counting in different languages.

Like I said, they are fun and educational and they are also bright and cheery.”

The KidsTV123 Songs on this website:

Giraffe Song
The Bouncing Song
Days Of The Week Song
Months Of The Year Song
Phonics Song 2
10 Little Numbers
The ABC Song
ABC Seven Steps Song
Five Little Monkeys
ABC Song
Phonics Song
The Letter Sounds Song
Days of the Week Song
Phonics with The Funnies 1 – /a/
Phonics with The Funnies 2 – /s/
Phonics with The Funnies 3 – /p/
Phonics with The Funnies 4 – /t/
Phonics with The Funnies 5 – /i/
Phonics with The Funnies 6 – /b/
Phonics with The Funnies 7 – /n/
Phonics with The Funnies 8 – /c/
The Butterfly Colors Song
The Phonics ABC Song
ABC Song with The Alphabubblies
Numbers Song
The Rainbow Colors Song
ABC Song in the Sea
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Bubbles ABC Song
In the Big Blue Sea – Counting Song
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Alphabet Song with The Alphabubblies
Alphabubblies Jumping ABC Song
Ten in the Bed
Incy Wincy Spider
Humpty Dumpty
The Animal Sounds Song
Pumpkin Pumpkin – Halloween Song
The A Song
The Santa Counting Song
The Santa Claus Song
The B Song
The 2 Times Table Song (version 1)
The 2 Times Table Song (version 2)
The C Song
The Countries of the World Song – Europe
The Countries of the World Song – Asia
The Shapes Song
The Countries of the World Song – Oceania
The Countries of the World Song – Africa
The D Song
The Countries of the World Song – The Americas
The Countries of the World Song – The World
The Colors Song
The Train Colors Song
Skidamarink – I Love You
The E Song
The 50 States Song
The Butterfly Colors Song
The Big and Small Letters Song
The Big Numbers Song
We are the Alphabet
The J Song
The Reading Machine 1
In the Garden Song
Red Rabbit Green Gorilla
The Solar System Song
The Reading Machine 2
The F Song
The G Song
The Planets Song
Phonics Song 3
The I song
The H Song
The Thank You Song
The Magic E Song
When the Snow Falls
Days of the Week Song 2
On the Farm (counting song)
Shapes Song 2
Colors Song 2
Where’s the Monkey?
Days in the Months Song
Rudolph and the Snowman
The Dancing Christmas Tree Song
New ABC Song
The Happy Birthday Song
The K Song
The Baby Animals Song
It’s the Alphabet
Parachute Letters – BIG 1
Parachute Letters – small 1
What’s the Time?
The Wheels on the Bus (left)
The Wheels on the Bus (right)
Let’s Count up to Ten – Counting Song
5 Little Ducks
Colors Song 3
The Spelling Mistakes Song
Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Brush Your Teeth
ABC Song in the Clouds
Changes 1
Butterfly Colors Song 2
ABC Song At the Zoo
Spooky Spooky – Halloween Song
When You’re Dancing
Santa Claus Song 2
Easy Little Song
The L Song
The Same or Different Game 1
Changes 2
The M Song
Learn your ABCs
You’ve Got Eyes
The Same or Different Game 2
The N Song
The Measurements Song (British Spelling)
The Measurements Son


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Source: KidsTV123

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