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‘I like work. I find it interesting . . . I can sit and look at it for hours.’
With ideas like this, perhaps it is not a good idea to spend a holiday taking a boat trip up the River Thames. But this is what the three friends – and Montmorency the dog – decide to do. It is the sort of holiday that is fun to remember afterwards, but not so much fun to wake up to early on a cold, wet morning.
This famous book has made people laugh all over the world for a hundred years . . . and they are still laughing.

Jerome K. Jerome: Three Men in a Boat
Retold by Diane Mowat

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aground (adv) touching the bottom of the river in shallow water
bank (river) the ground on each side of a river
bark (n) the short quick sound that a dog makes
bedclothes the blankets and sheets on a bed
blow (n) hitting someone or something hard
camp (v) to sleep outside in the open air or in tents
cap (n) a kind of hat worn by men
case a kind of box with glass in the front
fool (n) a very stupid person
hammer (n) a piece of wood with a heavy metal head used for hitting things
hedge (n) a ‘wall’ of small trees which have been planted together
housekeeper a person who takes care of a house
keeper a person who takes care of something
landlord the owner of a pub
lock (n) a place on a river between gates where boats are raised or lowered to a different level
lock-keeper a person who looks after a lock on a river
maze lots of high hedges with narrow paths between them; people have to find their way in and out, and usually get lost
nail (n) a small thin piece of metal with a sharp end
nest (n) a place that л bird makes to have its eggs
nose (n) (in this story) the front of a boat
piano a large musical instrument with black and white keys that you press to make music
rat a little grey animal with a long tail
rope very thick, strong siring, used for tying things
splash (v) to make water fly about and make things wet
steer to turn a wheel or handle to guide a boat, car, etc.
stick (past tense stuck) to fix or fasien one thing to another thing
stove a small oil cooker, used for cooking outdoors
stroke (v) to move the hand gently across something, again and again
swan a big white bird with a long neck
symptom a sign of illness
teapot a pot in which tea is made
tent a small house made of cloth over poles
tin a metal container for keeping foods
tin-opener the thing used to cut open a tin
tow to pull a boat, car, etc. along behind you with a rope
yell (v) to shout very loudly

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