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China232 ESL Podcast: We’re 2 brothers from Canada and we’ve been living in Asia for the past 8 years. We know that most English lessons are terrible and we want to change that. Our idea is simple: We want to teach the world how to understand and speak English like a true native speaker. We make a fun ESL podcast to teach all the slang and vocabulary we actually use in real life. We talk in a casual style about a bunch of different interesting topics and we share personal stories from our real lives.

You can learn real English anywhere and actually improve both your listening and spoken English. We focus on the kind of slang and vocabulary that is used in hollywood movies, TV dramas, and real life conversations. You probably know that real English is a lot different than what the schools teach. If you load up your Iphone or Ipod with our MP3’s and listen everyday, I guarantee your listening and spoken English will improve super fast. You will be able to easily understand native speakers and have no problem at all communicating with them. After a few months of studying with us, everyone will believe you’ve been living in a foreign country like the USA for more than 10 years.

The Episodes of the China232 ESL Podcast:

Royal Baby
China232 on Stitcher
Being Single
Useful Phrases
New Job Better Life
Baby Boomers (full transcript)
Guys and Girls
Beach Life
Business Secrets
Getting a Job
Private Conversation
Giving a Presentation
China232 Story
MBA (full transcript)
Buying a Gift
Good Advice
Green Tea
Happiness, How to be happy
Useful Phrases
Following The Crowd
First Impression
Consumer Savvy
Salary Negotiation
Cooped Up
Basketball Comeback
Movie Star
Making Decisions
Job Interview
Hard to Believe
Casual Phone Conversation
Guilt Trip
Slang Telephone Conversation
Buying a Computer
Describing People
Losing Weight
Super Model
The Simpsons Cartoon
A bet between friends
Holding a Grudge
Buying Tickets
Lending Money
Strict Parents
Thailand Trip
Queer Eye
Rent Increase
Lifestyle Change
Sleeping In

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