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Do you want to learn more English? Let Nick Shepherd be your guide!

Nick Shepherd, an award-winning teacher and author, has spent 30 years helping thousands of students around the world to learn English. In this video he explains why he loves teaching English.

Now he’s created this unique YouTube channel for improving your English. One new video is posted a week which will help you with a particular part of the English language. Right now, most of the videos are about verb tenses – present, past, future and perfect – but the ‘Lucky Dip’ playlist has special videos about nouns and vocabulary.

All videos are available in high definition. The illustrations are by award-winning illustrator Caroline Hotopf:

Present Simple Advanced 2
Present Simple Advanced (“the sun rises tomorrow”)
Present Simple and Progressive (“he speaks, he is speaking”)
Present Progressive Form (“I am making”)
Present Simple Form (“I like, she likes”)
Past Simple & Present Perfect (“I did, I have done”)
The Repeated Past 2 (“she used to, she got used to”)
The Unreal Past (“I wish, it’s time, I’d better”)
The Repeated Past 1 (“I used to go, I went”)
Past Irregular Verbs 3 (“bring-brought, buy-bought”)
Past Irregular Verbs 2 (“have-had, make-made”)
Past Irregular Verbs 1 (“begin-began, sit-sat”)
Past Simple & Progressive Use (“he had lunch, he was having lunch”)
Past Simple & Progressive Form (“I was walking, I walked”)
Future Perfect & Progressive (“will be doing, will have done”)
Future Predictions (“will, should, may, might”)
Future Plans (“he’s going to leave”)
Future Tense Basics (“I will, I am going to”)
Test Yourself – Future Perfect & Progressive
Present Perfect – Simple & Progressive 2 (“I’ve waited, I’ve been waiting”)
Present Perfect – Simple & Progressive 1 (“I’ve done, I’ve been doing”)
Irregular Past Participles 3 (“has seen, has done”)
Irregular Past Participles 2 (“has made, has paid”)
Irregular Past Participles 1 (“has begun, has sung”)
Present Perfect Use (“I’ve seen that movie”)
Prepositions of Place – Over and Above
Prepositions of Movement – across, along, through
Prepositions – from, until, for, since
Prepositions – up, down, on, off
Time Prepositions – at, on and in
Prepositions – on and in
Prepositions – by and past
Sentences – Mixed Conditionals
Sentences – Using “it”
Conditional Sentences (I will if, if I hurry)
Sentences – Second Type Conditional (“if I had”)
Sentences – Impossible Conditionals (“if I had waited, I would have…”)
Test Yourself – Deduction
Deduction (“we must have, it can’t be”)
Obligation 2 (“You have to, you should”)
Obligation 1 (“You must read this book!”)
Modal Verbs for Ability in the Past (“I could, I was able to”)
Modal Verbs for Ability and Permission (“I can, I am able to”)
Noun Phrases: Linking Verbs
English Vocab – suppose (“I suppose, I’m supposed to”)
English Vocab – way (“on the way, in the way, by the way”)
The Passive Voice
Passive Use

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Source: Shepherd School

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