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Luke’s English Podcast is an audio and video service for learners of English.

Use the notes and transcripts for each episode to help you understand and learn vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Luke is a DELTA qualified English Language teacher from London, UK. He has been teaching English for over 10 years, both in England and Japan. He has met thousands and thousands of learners of English, and continues to help people learn through his podcast, and in his English lessons at school in London and now in Paris.

Episodes 1 – 50

Episode 1 – Introduction.

Episode 2 – Easter.

Episode 3 – Music/The Beatles.

Extra Podcast – Quick Hello.

Episode 4 – Joaquin Phoenix.

Episode 5 – Vampires!.

Episode 6 – Susan Boyle.

Episode 7 – Dating & Relationships.

Episode 8 – Travelling to India.

Extra Podcast – Quick Hello 2.

Episode 9 – Men vs Women.

Extra Podcast – Quick Hello 3.

Video Podcast – I LIKE IT!.

Episode 10 – British & American Pronunciation.

Extra Podcast – 12 Phrasal Verbs

Episode 11 – Michael Jackson.

Hello To My Listeners Around The World.

10 More Phrasal Verbs.

Beware of Bad Pronunciation.

Learning English with Podcasts – Advice from a Chinese student at Oxford University.

Full Interview with Vicky from China.

Summer Music Festivals.

Music Idioms.

Notting Hill Carnival – 40 Phrasal Verbs.

Are You a Good Learner of English?.

British Weather (Lots of exciting vocabulary!!!).

Interview with a Native Speaker – The Weather.

Mystery Story / Narrative Tenses.

The Mystery Continues….

Hello! / Argument Sketch.

Doctor Who.

Money Money Money – 12 Phrasal Verbs & more….

Coming Soon: London Video Podcasts.

London Video Interviews Pt.1.

London Video Interviews Pt. 1 – Audio Only.

London Video Interviews Pt. 2.

London Video Interviews Pt.2 – Audio Only.

Subtitles in Videos.

Health / Feeling ill – Phrasal Verbs & Expressions.

London Video Interviews Pt 3.

London Video Interviews Pt 3 – Audio Only.

Notting Hill Carnival Video Frustration (Out-takes).

Telling Anecdotes.

Luke & Andy’s Crime Stories.

I’m on Holiday! I’ll be back in a couple of weeks..

Travelling in Vietnam.

Useful Expressions for Travelling.

Stand Up Comedy.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.



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