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Luke English Podcast is an audio and video service for learners of English.

Use the notes and transcripts for each episode to help you understand and learn vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Luke: Hi, I’m Luke and I’m an English Language teacher from London. I’ve been teaching  English for over 11 years. I started in Japan and lived in Kanagawa prefecture for two years. Since then I’ve been teaching in London and I regularly teach courses in business English, academic English, legal English, general English and English for exam courses like FCE, IELTS and BEC. I am a prolific writer of ELT materials, and I often design courses in EAP for which I usually write the material. I have written original courses for English for the Pharmaceutical Industry, English for the Oil and Gas Industries and English for Journalists. I am a semi-published author with some of my work being used in materials publications in several countries.

I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to Luke’s English Podcast and that you find it improves your English.

Luke’s English Podcast Episodes

A Cup of Coffee with… Sarah Donnelly
British Slang (H to M)
The Talking Dog Story
I’m leaving Podomatic… and moving to
Google Questions
British Slang (D to G)
Backing Up Into The Cloud
British Slang (A to C)
Nightmare Teaching Experiences (3)
Nightmare Teaching Experiences (2)
Nightmare Teaching Experiences (1)
The Chaos of English Pronunciation
A Cup of Tea with… Robert Hoehn
The Annual General Meeting (2)
The Annual General Meeting (1)
Ghost Stories
Hard Driving
Discussing Movies Part 2
Discussing Movies Part 1
Cycling from London to Paris
Raining Animals
The Story of Salvo
Hip-Hop Lyric Analysis
Pronouncing ~ed Endings
A Cup of Tea with… Sebastian Marx
A Cup of Tea with… Pierre Gaspard
Luke’s Stand-Up Comedy Show in Paris
Computer Games
Your Emails, Comments and Questions
The Pink Gorilla Story
James Bond
The End of the World?
Americanisms (Part 2)
Teacher Luke – First Impressions of Life in Paris
Teacher Luke – Sick in Japan
Teacher Luke – Psychics / Cold Reading / Barnum Statements
Teacher Luke – Could it be you?
Teacher Luke – Twelve Natural Expressions
Teacher Luke – A Chat about Music
Teacher Luke – How to Swear in British English (VERY RUDE CONTENT)
Teacher Luke – Luke’s English Braincast
Teacher Luke – A Stand-up Comedy Gig
Teacher Luke – Criminal Law
Teacher Luke – 6 Idioms and 6 Phrasal Verbs
Teacher Luke – How To Play The Drums
Teacher Luke – A Day In The Life
Teacher Luke – Competition + Phrasal Verbs A, B + C
Teacher Luke – The A to Z of Random Thoughts
Teacher Luke – Weird… or just different?
Teacher Luke – Luke vs Oliver (Part 2)
Teacher Luke – Luke vs Oliver (Part 1)
Teacher Luke – The Rotary Sushi Bar of English
Teacher Luke – Going To The Pub
Teacher Luke – Competition Winners
Teacher Luke – The Queen and The Royal Family
Teacher Luke – Brighton Fringe Festival Podcast 1
Teacher Luke – Brighton Fringe Festival Podcast 2
Teacher Luke – Brighton Fringe Festival Podcast 3
Teacher Luke – Messing Around With Accents and Voices
Teacher Luke – In Bed with Luke
Teacher Luke – Friday Night Banter
Teacher Luke – Setting The World To Rights
Teacher Luke – Twelve Natural Expressions
Teacher Luke – 12 Phrasal Verbs
Teacher Luke – Vocabulary Review 1-11
Teacher Luke – Michael Jackson
Teacher Luke – Quick Hello 3
Teacher Luke – British and American Pronunciation
Teacher Luke – I LIKE IT!
Teacher Luke – Men vs Women
Teacher Luke – Quick Hello 2
Teacher Luke – Travelling in India
Teacher Luke – Dating and Relationships
Teacher Luke – Susan Boyle
Teacher Luke – Vampires! (with full transcript)
Teacher Luke – Joaquin Phoenix
Teacher Luke – Music/The Beatles
Teacher Luke – Easter
Teacher Luke – Introduction

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