Jan 172013

In this episode, Michelle from China hosts a housewarming party, Selby from China plays with radio-controlled cars, and Preeti from India goes sky-diving.

Michelle’s parents have come from China to visit, and the timing is perfect — her new house has just been completed. She decides to invite around some friends to meet her folks and see her home. When her parents tell her how proud they are of her, there are tears all around.


Selby can’t believe that China manufacturers radio-controlled cars but he has never seen them played there. He joins some enthusiasts in a club and races a car around a special track. It is harder than it looks! After a few crashes and adjustments, Selby manages to do okay and his new friends invite him to come again.


Preeti is afraid of heights, so for her to go sky-diving is a huge challenge. She is shocked to see how high the plane goes, and when a diver jumps ahead of her the fright is almost too much. But her tandem instructor manages to ply her hands from the plane door and jump. There are many screams along the way, but once she is on the ground Preeti is overwhelmed with the sheer joy and excitement of it.


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