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MY AUSTRALIA looks at Australia through the eyes of people from India and the Asia-Pacific region who are studying or living here.

In each episode a variety of people have new experiences and find out more about Australia.

The My Australia series is being produced by the ABC and will be broadcast by Australia Network to 46 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

The Episodes of My Australia Series 1

Episode 1: In this episode of My Australia, Raisa from Indonesia has a go at cooking a Christmas meal in July, Faye from Fiji tries snow skiing for the first time, and Selby from China visits the Royal Adelaide Show. Raisa grew up in Indonesia and never learned to cook.

Episode 2: In this episode, Nimit from India tries out surfing for the first time, Bhoom from Thailand volunteers with the charity Meals on Wheels, and Rif from Bangladesh goes busking in Sydney. Nimit’s Indian father is a master mariner, but Nimit has never tried surfing.

Episode 3: In this episode, Ken from Indonesia goes to a Quiz Night, Akki from Japan dives on the Great Barrier Reef, and Saj from Sri Lanka has a go at ballroom dancing. Ken is curious about all kinds of Australian customs, and he has never been to a quiz night before.

Episode 4: In this episode, Preeti from India participates in the annual Christmas Pageant, Priya from Malaysia attempts to cook Moroccan Seafood for the first time, and Raymond from the Philippines sees if he can make beer at home.

Episode 5: In this episode, Weiping from China tries waterskiing, Raisa from Indonesia joins a social beach volleyball game, and Kema from Korea gets behind the wheel of a race car. Weiping has never tried waterskiing before. She travels to the Riverland to meet the members of a waterskiing club, who offer to teach her the basics.

Episode 6: Akki loves the sea, but he has never seen it through Aboriginal eyes. His local guide takes him on a beach walk, explaining the country and the language and the culture. Akki also throws a spear, catches a crab and collects shellfish in the mangroves.

Episode 7: In this episode, Bhoom from Thailand joins a country games day to raise money for the local community, Preeti from India has a go at indoor rock climbing, and Priya from Malaysia goes behind the scenes at Sydney’s famous Taronga Zoo and meets some amazing animals.

Episode 8: In this episode, Raymond from the Philippines goes looking for dolphins off the coast of Adelaide, Saj from Sri Lanka tries the gentle game of lawn bowls, and Selby from China steps back in time at a gold rush theme park.

Episode 9: In this episode, Rif from Bangladesh gets a didgeridoo lesson from an indigenous player, Priya from Malaysia volunteers with Riding for the Disabled, and Raisa from Indonesia has a girls day out with her visiting mum. When Rif came here he had a dream of jamming with some Australian musicians.

Episode 10: In this episode, Akki from Japan goes grape-picking, Weiping from China tries her hand at catching crabs, and Faye from Fiji meets a bunch of gardeners with green thumbs. Akki has been studying hard. During the university break between semesters, he decides to earn some money by picking fruit.

Episode 11: In this episode, Michelle from China hosts a housewarming party, Selby from China plays with radio-controlled cars, and Preeti from India goes sky-diving. Michelle’s parents have come from China to visit, and the timing is perfect — her new house has just been completed.

Episode 12: In this episode, Akki from Japan visits a wildlife park, Ken from Indonesia places his first bet at the Adelaide Cup horse race, and Faye from Fiji goes orienteering in Melbourne. Akki has a fear of snakes, so visiting a wildlife park carries some risks.

Episode 13: In this episode, Preeti from India goes on an op-shop tour, Saj from Sri Lanka tries to learn juggling at a circus school, and Weiping from China takes part in Adelaide’s Chinese New Year celebrations.

Episode 14: In this episode, Ken from Indonesia takes part in a state election day, Michelle from China helps out at an Animal Welfare League shelter, and Raymond from the Philippines visits a trash and treasure market.

Episode 15: In the final episode of Series One, Weiping from China joins a football cheer squad, Nimit from India learns to sail on Sydney Harbour, and a bunch of guests from the series get together for the first time over a barbecue and share stories of their experiences.

The Episodes of My Australia Series 2

Episode 1: In this episode of My Australia, Thao climbs the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Jason hosts a Malaysian dinner and Shobbie does a bar and waiting course. Thao is from Vietnam. She wonders if she will still fear heights when she climbs to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Episode 2: Tiara is from Bangladesh. She has never tried roller derby before, but she has heard that it’s lots of fun. The trouble is — you have to do it on roller skates! Will she or won’t she succeed?

Episode 3: In this episode of My Australia, Tony goes swimming with sharks, Xiao hosts a party plan and Jasmine has a winter make-over. Australia is famous for its beaches and its sharks — so Tony decides to have a go at swimming with sharks.

Episode 4: Shaiful from Malaysia, enjoys his first hot air balloon flight. He is very fearful of heights, so will he overcome his fears and manage to enjoy the beautiful country scenery?

Episode 5: In this episode of My Australia, Jasmine goes mountain biking, Chloe checks out a Moon Festival and Thao goes walkabout in the Blue Mountains. Jasmine and her friends go on a mountain biking tour in the Adelaide Hills, gaining access to amazing trails through a Conservation Park, with a special bonus of seeing native animals.

Episode 6: In this episode of My Australia, Suhasini spends a day working on a farm, Gustave makes a video for YouTube and Tiara performs burlesque at a gay and lesbian arts festival.

Episode 7: In this episode of My Australia, Shobbie learns to play cricket, Frankey joins a team on a dragon boat and Xiao has a go at fly-fishing. Shobbie is Indian, from Malaysia. She heads to the hills to share a picnic and cricket match with her friends.

Episode 8: In this episode of My Australia, Shaiful learns to golf, Jasmine enters a charity Santa Fun Run and Jason graduates from university. Shaiful’s father gave him a set of golf clubs which he has never used. Now he takes the opportunity to learn to play golf.

Episode 9: In this episode of My Australia, Jasmine gets close to Giant Pandas, Christine meets — and eats — some kangaroos, and Frankey braves the rain at the Adelaide Fringe Parade. The Giant Panda is the international symbol for the conservation movement and Adelaide Zoo has received two pandas from China.

Episode 10: It’s a momentous Australia Day for Tony as he takes the big step of becoming an Australian citizen. He joins 13,000 people from 143 countries who became citizens in ceremonies like this all around the nation. Shobbie has a fish phobia which goes back to her childhood.

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