Oct 252012

In this special BBC Idioms New Year video, The Teacher introduces you to three idioms connected to deceit:
1. Pulling the wool over someone’s eyes.
2. Taking you for a ride.
3. I wasn’t born yesterday.

No, I won’t do it. I can’t believe you want me to lie to my students. It’s October and you want me to pretend it’s New Year’s Eve! Ridiculous! You’ll what? Fire me?!
Hello. I’m a very interesting and intelligent and excited man.
And that’s because it’s my favourite day of the year – New Year’s Eve.
And to celebrate, I’ve come down to the River Thames in London to see the famous annual fireworks!
Yes, it’s almost midnight and time to celebrate.
What do you mean I’m pulling the wool over your eyes?!
In English, if someone is trying to prevent you from discovering the truth about something, you can say they’re ‘pulling the wool over your eyes’.


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Source: BBC Learning English

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