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The Race E01: The challenge is set: This new drama story is about an unsuccessful author called Phil. Unlike his friends, he hasn’t done much with his life. But all of that is about to change as they challenge him to the adventure of a lifetime.
Phil: “Hello – I’m Phil. I’m about to face a challenge that could give me a great adventure – and a lot of money. What could it be? Find out now in episode one of The Race.”


gap year – a year that you spend travelling, often with friends, usually after finishing school and before starting university. Some gap year travellers work while they are travelling, for example in bars and restaurants
adventure – an unusual, difficult and sometimes dangerous journey
globetrotting – travelling to lots of different countries
backpacking – travelling to and visiting lots of different countries, carrying everything that you need for your journey in a bag that you carry on your back
circumnavigate – to sail all the way around something, such as an island, or the world

The Race E01: The challenge is set


The Race – Episode 1: Phil’s audio diary



The Race E01: The challenge is set Transcript Video


The Race – Episode 1: Video diary



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