Oct 042014

The Race E02 – Start the Clock!: Phil, has been set a challenge to sail around the world in 80 days. It’s an impossible challenge especially as he’s never sailed a yacht before. But he said ‘yes’ – so here goes! Will it be plain sailing for Phil in his 80 day challenge?


seasick – feeling ill, vomiting or feeling you are going to vomit or be sick because of the movement of the ship or boat you are travelling in
stern – the back end of a ship or boat
galley – the kitchen in a ship, boat or plane
berths – beds in a ship, boat or train
plain sailing – an expression that means a job or task is going well, easily, without problems

The Race – Episode 1: Phil’s audio diary



The Race E02: Start the Clock!


The Race – Episode 2: Phil’s audio diary



The Race E02: Start the Clock! Transcript Video


The Race – Episode 2: Video diary



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