Oct 252014

The Race E04 – All at sea: There’s a new member of the crew who’s good at sailing. Can she help get Phil’s trip back on course and steer them through stormy waters? Or will it be a case of ‘two’s company, three’s a crowd’?


go about – (a sailing term) turn and sail in the opposite direction
steer – control the direction of movement of a vehicle such as a boat, car or bicycle
navigate – find a route across an area of land or water, often using a map
satnav – short for ‘satellite navigation’: a piece of technology that uses satellites to find the best way to get to a place
on course – going in the right direction

The Race – Episode 3: Phil’s audio diary



The Race E04: All at sea


The Race – Episode 4: Phil’s audio diary



The Race E04: All at sea Transcript Video


The Race – Episode 4: Video diary



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