Nov 082014

The Race E06 – Find our yacht: Phil and his friends have reached Reunion Island but pirates have stolen their yacht. Now the crew have to find it. But where do they start looking? And if they can’t find it does it mean the end of the round-the-world adventure?


pinched – stolen
lawless – not obeying laws, sometimes by using violence
bounty – (here) large amount of stolen money and valuable things
sabotage – doing something, for example, causing damage, to stop something else being successful
joyriders – people who steal a vehicle (or boat) and drive it fast and dangerously just for pleasure

The Race – Episode 5: Phil’s audio diary



The Race E06: Find our yacht!


The Race – Episode 6: Phil’s audio diary



The Race E06: Find our yacht! Transcript Video


The Race – Episode 6: Video diary



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