Nov 152014

The Race E07 – Shipwrecked: Phil and Passepartout were sleeping like babies when suddenly they heard a loud, crunching noise. What was it and where are they now? They’re off to find out what’s happened but someone very important is missing.


shipwrecked – unable to go anywhere because your ship/boat has been damaged in an accident
castaways – people who are left on an island or beach (where there are no other people) because their ship has been sunk or damaged
marooned – left or stuck in a place that you cannot leave
driftwood – wood that is floating on the sea or brought onto the beach by the sea
beachcombing – searching a beach for shells or valuable or useful objects

The Race – Episode 6: Phil’s audio diary



The Race E07: Shipwrecked


The Race – Episode 7: Phil’s audio diary



The Race E07: Shipwrecked Transcript Video


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