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Calling all men: here’s your chance to experience labor pains

Chinese hospital offers men a chance to experience the pain of child birth via electric shocks. Sharon Reich reports.

Transcript: Wiu Jianlong is in a lot of pain — he’s experiencing child birth … Well, sort of. Wiu is part of a group of expectant fathers participating in child birth simulations at the Aima hospital in China’s Shandong Province. The men hope that they’ll have a better understanding of what their wives will endure when they go into labor. As the electric current begin to flow, the fathers-to-be don’t look happy. SOUNDBITE: Wiu Jianlong, prospective father, saying (Mandarin): “Since experiencing this, I feel like it’s really not easy for a woman to give birth to a child. It’s just painful, like something’s coming out from your stomach, painful.” SOUNDBITE: Song Siling, prospective father, saying (Mandarin): “It felt like my heart and lungs were being ripped apart. It was basically really painful, you can’t even describe how painful it was.” While it may have been agonizing, the simulation is just a taste of what it’s like to actually give birth, explainse nurse Lou Dezhu. Yet, that can be enough to work wonders. SOUNDBITE: Nurse Lou Dezhou saying (Mandarin): “The main thing is to let men experience the pain of a woman giving birth. Even though this pain is still far less than the pain women undergo when they are giving birth. But still, if men can experience this pain then they’ll be more loving and caring to their wives.” And who knows what the pay off will be … Perhaps these dad’s will volunteer for diaper duty.

People upset about Calvin Klein’s new size 10 model

Calvin Klein has been hit with an angry backlash over its new size-10 model who many complain doesn’t look like a plus-size. Jeanne Yurman reports.

Transcript: Famous fashion brand Calvin Klein is facing quite a backlash. This after introducing 27-year-old model Myla Dalbesio as one of the faces of its underwear line “Perfect Fit”. She’s a size 10. Bigger than classic “straight models” – smaller than plus-size models. She’s somewhere in between. While Calvin Klein isn’t pitching her as a plus-size model, which is size 12 and up, some media outlets are and it’s drawing a tsunami of angry tweets – the users upset saying that Dalbesio doesn’t in any way reflect a plus-size. In an interview with Dalbesio says the ire over her size confuses her. She says she may not be the biggest girl on the market, but she is bigger than any of the models that Calvin Klein has worked with.

Artists convert dumpsters into cameras

Three young Argentinian artists have transformed garbage duumpsters into functioning cameras. Jeanne Yurman reports.

Transcript: These three young artists in Buenos Aires are giving new meaning to the idea of dumpster diving. They have found it’s not what’s in the dumpster that’s of value but the container itself. Their visual art group is self named “Bazofia Estenopeica”, meaning pinhole trash, which speaks to how the dumpster serves as a camera. The dumpsters have no lens. Rather inverted images are recorded on film or paper through light that’s allowed through the pinhole. It’s even better than digital photography says artist Natacha Ebers. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) NATACHA EBERS, MEMBER OF BAZOFIA ESTENOPEICA, SAYING: “I can get a picture in the way that I want it because I made the camera. And it has these properties which are: infinite depth of field, the images are very plastisized, very manual, so it has another essence.” The images they capture are developed in one of their homes. Often conveying a more dreamy feel than digital shots the photographs can be black or white or color. In addition to dumpsters, these innovative photographers have also made pinhole cameras out of objects ranging from tea to match boxes.

High heels are elevated to museum exhibition

More than 160 high heels are on display at the Brooklyn Museum’s ”Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe” exhibition. Sharon Reich reports

Transcript: The stiletto gets elevated to an art form. More than 160 pairs of heels are on display at the Brooklyn Museum in New York, illustrating the history and crafting that goes into the provocative shoe. Curator Lisa Small says whether you look at chopines, platforms or 3D printed footwear, heels have had a big impact on society. SOUNDBITE: Lisa Small, Curator of exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum saying (English): “What we’re trying to point out is that like other forms of fashion and clothing, they are a form of material culture and they say a lot about the person who wears them individually as well as the wider society at the time, what that society was interested in. I think we wanted to bring to bear a little bit of historical background to something that people see every day, what people are wearing and even in magazines and give some back story to it.” Footwear designers featured in the collection include Christian Louboutin, Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo. So whether you like kitten heels or killer ones, the exhibition will continue to run through February 15.

New lease on life for animals around the globe

From an orphaned sea otter pup, to a robotic penguin spying on colonies in Antarctica, here are the animals making headlines this week around the globe. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Transcript: She’s pretty hairy for a baby… but not when we’re talking about a five-week-old sea otter pup. The fuzzy female was found orphaned on a California beach, and is now receiving care at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium… including teaching her to regulate her own body temperature by getting in and out of the water. These cubs are in line to be King. Because their dad won’t be around forever. He’s Uganda’s oldest lion and definitely has some trademarks of old age. But he’s now living out his long life at a Wildlife Education Center. (SOUNDBITE) (English) BELINDA ATIM PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER, UGANDA WILDLIFE EDUCATION CENTER SAYING “I really don’t think another year is what he will go by. You can see he has labored breathing, he has lost his teeth…” But he used to be wild and frisky, just like these rescued sea lions…. basking in their youth and making a splash out of life in Peru. They’re not whispering “sweet nothing’s” here… they’re doubling up to stop their keeper from giving them a taste of their own medicine. But with persistence, they were given a nutritional serum. Then left to their own devices at a Chinese panda research and breeding center. Speaking of devices, here’s a robo-penguin who just won’t quit. Researchers in Antarctica are using him to spy on emperor penguin colonies. Equipped with a camera, the remote-controlled “cam-chick” can get close to the shy penguins without altering their behavior. And the penguins can get close to him… a loving embrace for a fake personality.

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