Apr 102013

Plot Summary of Roald Dahl – Fantastic Mr. Fox: Mr. Fox came into the three farmers’ farms and stole their chickens and geese on a daily basis. He took it to his home and fed his wife and three cubs. But soon, problems arose. The food was starting to run short everyday. The food that was brought everyday wasn’t enough to satisfy everyone’s hunger. Other families and individual animals were facing similar problems. To add to their problems, the three farmers were getting more determined to get rid of Mr. Fox and all the other troublemakers.
Soon, Boggis, Bunce and Bean decided that they had to take action. They planned a number of things to trap and kill Mr. Fox. They tried day and night to trap Mr. Fox, but the cunning genius managed to escape each time. Then, the three farmers came up with their best plan yet; they decided to dig into his home. So they brought their machines and started digging in through the ground. Mr. Fox, the smartest fox in the area, was now trapped along with his family and a lot of other animals…

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