Apr 102013

Roald Dahl – The Twits: Mr. and Mrs. Twit, two useless, smelly and unfriendly married people who have nothing better to do than play practical jokes and pranks on each other, have their monkeys stand upside down all the time, and make bird pie with the birds that they catch using their glue on the tree.

After playing a series of pranks on each other, the attention is switched to the monkeys and the birds. Luckily, the Roly-Poly bird was there to save the day. She warned the birds about the tree and helped the monkeys to escape. Then, the monkeys and birds took revenge.

They literally turned the Twit’s house upside down while the couple had gone out. When they came back, they found the problem. But, they thought that they were doing something wrong. They decided to stand upside down, believing that they would then be the right way up. However, this wasn’t the case. The Twits went upside down, and got stuck to the floor because of some of the special glue that the monkeys and birds had applied. They were stuck to the ground forever, and soon, the Twits shrank to nothing, and the monkeys and birds were free as the wind.

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