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Sherlock Holmes – The Boscombe Valley Mystery with subtitles:

Watson is married. Anstruther covers for him.

In his youth, Turner went to Australia to search for gold. He became a highwayman. He was known as “Black Jack of Ballarat.” He and his gang attacked a gold convoy and made off with the gold, but all except three members of the gang were killed. McCarthey was a driver of one of the convoy’s wagons. Turner could have killed him, but spared him.

Turner returned to England and bought a country estate. He married and had a daughter. His wife died when Alice was just a small girl. McCarthey also returned to England. He married and had a son. His wife also died.

McCarthey found Turner and was blackmailing him. Turner granted his every wish until he asked that their children be married. This was too much.

Turner arranged a meeting at the pool between he and McCarthy. As he was approaching the pool, he made the call that he used in Australia of “Cooee.” He found the two McCartheys arguing. Charles wanted his son to propose marriage to Alice, but John couldn’t because he was secretly married to a barmaid in Bristol. After James left, Turner Killed McCarthey. Almost immediately, he heard James returning and hid behind a tree. When James knelt beside his dying father, Turner sneaked back into the clearing to retrieve his coat, then he left.

Holmes comes on the scene and after carefully tracing the footsteps, declares, “It has been a case of considerable interest.” He then proceeds to give a detailed description of the murderer to Lestrade, however “that imbecile Lestrade” remained skeptical to the end. Holmes gives his findings to James’ attorney which secures his release.

John Turner died from his diabetes seven months after the murder.

When his barmaid-wife read in the paper that her “husband” was in jail for murder, she wrote him a letter saying that she had previously married a Bristol dock-worker so their marriage was void,

At the conclusion of the story, Alice and James are courting.

Sherlock Holmes – The Boscombe Valley Mystery with subtitles:


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